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Tom Kruse, CEO & founder of Hoveround, started with a vision nearly 20 years ago.  His vision was to build a power wheelchair that could go anywhere someone can walk.  Kruse, an inventor and entrepreneur, had been inspired by his own mother’s difficulties maneuvering her manual wheelchair.

He set about designing a smaller, super-maneuverable power wheelchair that could “turn on itself”, and built his first proto-type in his garage for the University of South Florida.  Kruse consulted with truck drivers about long-haul comfortable seating, and used tips from NASA to offer a refined design to the awkward wheelchairs on the market at the time.

Hoveround’s patented Round for a Reason design means that it has maximum maneuverability.

In 1994, Kruse boldly decided to avoid medical equipment dealers and sell his power wheelchair direct to the public.

Today Hoveround provide their power wheelchairs across the United States, with over 100 warehouses and a 200 van fleet.  Their trained engineers also provide home-call service repairs, so you never have to be without your Hoveround.

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